About Us

Surabhi fragrances started with a core philosophy of on-time delivery of world class fragrances at an extremely competitive price.

The experience of working with some of the biggest perfumery houses worldwide gave our Founder Mr. Akshay Bhatia a unique perspective into the fragrance world.
Situated in Jaipur , a few hours away from the national capital Delhi ,the company has experienced exponential growth since it’s humble beginnings & even though Surabhi Fragrances is an established brand today, our commitment to our core philosophy remains the same

About Surabhi

Why Us

  • We understand our customer’s need for quick, timely & efficient delivery & hence we commit ourselves to on-time delivery withought compromising the shipment standards.
  • Our state of the art manufacturing facility churns out fragrances at an astonishing speed, (lead times have been as less as 24 hours in many cases)
  • Our commitment to timely delivered quality products at extremely competitive rates gives us the edge over our competition
  • Rigorous quality checks at our state of art manufacturing centre ensure products that conform to customer requirements and guidelines. Each fragrance goes through rigorous in-house testing to ensure highest performance
  • With state of the art QC department we are committed to consistent quality of our procurement & of our finished product
  • We directly import many of our raw materials/essential oils from the source country , ensuring cost competitiveness while maintaining quality
  • We believe that research & development is the key for us to stay ahead of our competition hence we put our heart & soul in R&D & launch new products on a regular basis
Fragrance Manufacturing
  • Each fragrance goes through rigorous in house testing to ensure the product performance of our fragrances is second to none
  • We have a very strong supply chain for our raw material procurement, and actively use 1000s of raw materials to provide our customers with their signature scent
  • We provide all documentation related to our fragrances, like M.S.D.S., S.D.S., I.F.R.A. Certificate, REACH Compliance Certificate , allergen Certificate etc
  • We can custom design fragrances depending upon the region where the end product has to be sold,
  • We can provide information of compliance as per region,
  • We can design products like Fine fragrances, Reed Stick diffusers etc as per our client’s region of selling, eg C.A.R.B. compliant, V.O.C. Compliant, Clean Water Acts Compliant , I.F.R.A. Compliant etc
  • We can provide technical help & know how of your products